Jennette Mazza: I have never been a fan of working out, but after meeting Tiffany and trying one of her classes, I am hooked! She is an amazing, patient instructor and her location is amazing! Would recommend to anybody looking for a great workout at a welcoming place

Kelly Amendola: Tiffany and her crew are amazing! If your looking to step up your work out game with a great atmosphere- this is it. She’s funny, friendly, and doesn’t let you quit. My only issue is that I cant find the time to come in more!!

Mary Sebastian: I just started the class and I’m loving it…introduced it to a couple of my friends as well…amazing workout!!!!

Serene Chin: Great workout!! Love Shirley and Cindy~ you guys rock!!

Diliny C: I love the welcoming atmosphere and tough work outs! They offer two classes six days a week to accommodate most schedules. On site are changing rooms and a clean washroom. Shirley and all of the staff are friendly, easy to approach and incredibly helpful.

Tina D: My neighbour and I both joined Evolve recently and we can’t stop talking about the class. Shirley is super personable and kind and the general atmosphere is friendly. If you’re looking for a class that’s going to kick your butt into shape and make you sweat, all while having fun, then this is the place to be! Couldn’t be happier.

Amy Z: Amazing concept! I love it. I don’t know about you, but I’m always down to see females work out. (I’m not creepy…), it’s so empowering and makes us work even harder because we’re clearly more badass.

This place is a bit hidden but check the photos to see the pic of the sign, and just look for that. It’s a nice, clean and spacious studio that screams ‘WORK FOR IT, GIRLS’ I find this place to be super organized and not intimidating because there are no big men grunting and sweating everywhere. When I spar with the guys at my gym, they’re clearly too strong and don’t work at the same level as I do. At evolve, it’s different because they work with you at your level so you can strive to improve, not struggle to work at a level above yours. The ladies here are tough! The female instructors are amazing and they’re all so powerful – f’real, don’t fight them because you will get your ass kicked. The sound of them kicking the pads is loud enough to knock me right out. All the instructors are extremely experienced and loud.. kind of like a military drill sergeant, which is crucial in a good workout.

They run through a series of drills and they don’t let you chicken out and ‘take a break’ (your break is “torture” as they call it, or 40 situps), but at the same time they don’t push you to the point where you no longer want to do it.

They also sell kickboxing merch + shirts (10% off if you check in on yelp)

Female empowerment is so important in today’s society and I think this place captures it perfectly.

From Yelp