Women’s only kickboxing

  • A non-intimidating workout atmosphere where ALL the members and instructors are women. All the windows are frosted as well, giving an extra level of privacy and comfort.

Personal training

  • If you’re not comfortable in a group class setting and would rather work out one on one with an instructor for undivided attention, you can always go for private personal training sessions.

Group fitness

  • Although it is categorized as a “group” fitness, members are actually padded up with a partner which gives a different type of workout and increases your skills to a whole new level other than just concentrating and punching on an inanimate bag. Everyone here has gathered with a common interest and goal. This gives you a strong foundation to form new friends and to push each other each step of the way.

Beginner to Intermediate classes

  • All fitness levels can start in our classes without feeling intimidated. Each and every person is bound to be different and our instructors will be able to tweak our workouts and routines according to your fitness level. Of course, when you’re ready, there’s always an intermediate level that you can put on your goal list to challenge your kickboxing technique and fitness level..