Shirley (Richmond Hill):
Hello! My name is Shirley and I am the head instructor/owner of the Richmond Hill location. I have done martial arts throughout my life from karate to Wing Chun. Muay Thai had always fascinated me and you would see me glued to the TV watching MMA. Over the years, adult life took over and I saw my body just slide, energy level decreased and my metabolism was nil. I tried going to the gym, paid a full year and probably only went twice a month because there wasn’t any motivation. I decided to try out kickboxing that has Muay Thai as its foundation. I went alone with the only knowledge I got from TV. I fell in love with it instantly. I didn’t need a friend to go with because the atmosphere was so comfortable and motivating. I picked it up so fast that I started instructing. I never knew I would like to teach until then! I further developed that love and passion by opening up my own kickboxing studio, motivating and empowering women who all have one thing in mind: fun and fitness (okay, two!). My love for instructing grew every time I see smiles and sweat from the ladies. I can’t wait to empower more women!
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Tiffany (Mississauga):
Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am the head instructor/Owner of the Mississauga location. I have been kickboxing for over 6 years and trained in both Muay Thai and K1 type kickboxing. I am currently studying under Sensai Billy of Legends MMA Brampton and I am honoured to have received my level 1 Kru certification through one of Thailand’s most experienced and successful foreign fighters and sparring partner of Sensai Billy, Jovan Stojanovski of Stinger Muay Thai. Evolve is my way of sharing my passion and knowledge with woman of all types and showing them exactly what girls are made of!

  I have always been an athletic person since I was a kid, mainly playing soccer since I was old enough to run and even reaching REP level. When I discovered kickboxing I was amazed how out of shape it made me feel and how it was able to challenge my body to become stronger and go farther than I ever thought possible. My favorite part of kickboxing was the second family you find at your gym and the people that share your passion and motivation and push you every day to be your best. This is what I have instilled in my instructors and my gym. I want to share my passion for Kickboxing with you and its ability to empower woman with strength, confidence and love for oneself. I am always growing myself and my techniques and learning from my students to bring you unique and challenging classes every day. I hope you will join our studio and share my love and pride in kickboxing and Evolve and grow along side me.

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Cindy (Richmond Hill):
Hi! I’m Shirley’s younger sister. I’m not actively teaching any classes but you may see me around here and there subbing in or taking a class. So, how I started kickboxing was purely to help Shirley out with her new business. Before kickboxing, I’ve never really worked out. Yes, I did try to do some exercises here and there but it never lasted more than a day. Can anyone relate? There was no motivation or drive. I didn’t see any of it being “fun”. I was pretty much born with a high metabolism (thank goodness) so I never had a weight problem. The first day I tried kickboxing caused me to be sore for the rest of the week! I swore I would not be back. Well, a year and a half later, I’m still here. I survived. Not going to lie, it wasn’t easy at the beginning, especially because I was not on a routine, but I pushed beyond the soreness and ended up doing it almost 5 days a week. Very soon I began seeing results. My cardio was better, my arms got muscular (in the least manly way), and I got abs that I never thought I’d have! That was my motivation to keep going. On top of all that, the environment here is amazing. There are women of all colours, ages, shapes and sizes and the energy these ladies have is motivating itself. If you don’t feel like working out, just push yourself to get out of the house! That’s the hardest step. Once you get here and do the class, you’ll feel so good about making your way here! So come on out and get your sweat on!
Preet (Mississauga):

My experience with Muay Thai began in 2012, and it’s been an ongoing love affair ever since. I started off as student and picked up on skills so quickly that I was offered an opportunity to instruct classes. As my experience grew, along with my reputation among students, I was given the opportunity to take the roll of Director of Curriculum. I have experience in creating class training programs, and instructor training programs. I also work for a fitness company as a Recreation Coordinator/trainer. As you may be able to tell, I enjoy the active life!

Kickboxing was an outlet for stress, but it’s has evolved into so much more for me personally. I can see how it brightens a lot of women’s days, grows their self confidence and brings so many different people together in one place to achieve fitness goals no matter what the original reason for beginning was. I definitely enjoy seeing everyone leave a class feeling like it was well worth the effort.

I hope to continue to learn and grow with Muay Thai Kickboxing.


Serene (Richmond Hill):
Hi, there! My name is Serene and I am one of the instructors at Evolve Kickboxing. I started kickboxing a little over a year ago and loved it ever since. It might be a surprise to know that I was far from active before I started. I spent most of my life with the grace and hand eye co-ordination of a baby hippo. There were times where I couch-potatoed in front of my TV for days straight and felt perfectly okay with it. Over recent years I recognized the importance of healthy living, and tried getting into a vast variety of sports and working out at the gym. Nothing stuck with me until I came across kickboxing on a whim. It was hard not to fall in love with the sport. The foundational moves were so simple and straightforward that even the unathletic me at the time picked it up. The workouts were fun and always broke a sweat, and the environment was comfortable and motivating. I grew stronger and good enough to start teaching over the year, which brings me here now! I’m excited to empower and help people fall in love with the sport as an instructor.

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Lolita (Mississauga):
Hey ladies!! My name is Lolita and I am an instructor at our Mississauga location. I was first introduced to Muay Thai back in 2004, and I fell in-love instantly! The discipline of the art, the beautiful technique, and the fitness aspect of the sport really drew me in, and helped steer me onto a better path. My goal as an instructor, is to instill the same in YOU – in a fun, friendly, female environment! I will always push you to your limits, and challenge you so that you can leave feeling exhausted (lol) but also stronger then before the class! Be prepared to WORK! Let’s reach your fitness goals together.
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Janelle (Richmond Hill):
Hello!!! My name is Janelle and I am one of the kickboxing instructors at Evolve Kickboxing.  When I started coming to Evolve Kickboxing in May of 2015 I immediately knew that this sport was exactly what I needed to get back in shape.  I loved the challenge, the partner work and the change that I started to see in myself both physically and mentally.  As a dancer since the age of four I have always enjoyed being in an active group setting and thrive on the “kick” I get out of kickboxing.  I have never been the type of person that could go to the gym on a regular basis.  I know this because I have signed up before and never gone.  Evolve gave me a place where I could come out, punch away the stresses of my sales job and then simply go home, shower and head to bed.  I loved how encouraging the environment was and how I was able to pick up the combinations quickly.  I have always been a perfectionist so from the very start I was solely focused on learning the technique.  This allowed me to excel and become very passionate about the sport in a short amount of time.  With a ballet background as my foundation; technique has always been extremely important.  I had thought a little bit about teaching and when Shirley asked me if I would be interested I practically jumped off the ground while we were stretching one day after class.  I love kickboxing and I love what it has done for my confidence, the changes I have seen in my myself, and the fun I have when I come.  I want to be able to provide an exciting place where women can come to my class and know they will get a great workout in a friendly environment.
A.N. (Richmond Hill):
Ninja. See if you can spot her on Friday evening classes.